Driving service

Client: SRK (red cross) regional office «Biel/Bienne-Seeland»
Task: Software solution for the driving service

  • Which drivers are available?
  • Where is the nearest driver?
  • How many kilometres is the desired route?
  • What needs do the passengers have and how can the journey be optimally planned?

With the CRM solution for the transport service, these requirements are centrally managed and structured. Simple, convenient and time-saving, you can manage all data relating to the transport service at a central location. From the passenger to the driver to invoicing, you handle everything in one program.

Trip planning does not require any installation and runs platform-independently in the web browser. Teamwork is professionalised and duplication is avoided.

Driving service app

With the Driving Service app, the operations management can configure the following functions individually for each volunteer driver:

  • Order list with trips
  • Reporting
  • order archive
  • disbursement slips
  • statistics