Electronic locking system

Customer: School Orpund
Task: Electronic locking system

Different people go in and out of a school building. Security must be guaranteed and unauthorised persons must not be allowed in. With mechanical locks and the appropriate keys, the administration can quickly become unclear, expensive and no longer controllable. Undetectable keys become a security problem.

Our electronic and programmable locking system offers maximum convenience and security. Using our team-pro.swiss® software, the main computer of the locking system is controlled via a data line. The software manages the cards, doors, persons, groups, holidays and public holidays.

The most important features

  • Unlimited person and card capture
  • Different group management (e.g. teachers, gymnastics club, football club, caretaker, etc.)
  • Complex and overlapping access rights for groups, persons and doors
  • Short-term, flexible and time-controlled adjustments
  • Immediate locking of lost keys
  • Vacation and holiday management
  • Logging of accesses per door
  • Possible integration of further systems, such as time recording and billing systems